Homework: Mandate of Heaven!

Reminder: There will be a study session for the Unit One Test held after school tomorrow (Wednesday, August 12th) in Ms. Galloway’s room from 3:40 until 4:40 PM.

Today we finished up our discussion of the Indus River Valley, and began our discussion on the early Chinese dynasties.  (First period, being terribly efficient, is already finished with China.  Nice job, first period.)  We won’t have time to watch it in class right now, but there is a good Crash Course on the process of dynastic rule and the Mandate of Heaven in China– just ignore ALL of his pronunciation.  It’s horrific:

You DO have homework tonight: please read the Mandate of Heaven document you received in class today, and complete the seven associated questions on a separate sheet of paper.  This will be due at the start of class tomorrow.