Homework: Legalism and Classical China!

Thanks for all being in class today, guys!  I know the Student Learning Objective Pre-Test isn’t the most fun thing in the world, but we needed to get it done– and since you were all present, we won’t have to pull anyone from class later this week and lose class time again.

Today, we began our discussion of the classical Chinese dynasties, the Qin and Han.  Tonight for homework, you’ll need to read Legalist Views on Good Government in preparation of our activities tomorrow.  You don’t need to comment or answer any questions on this document, but it would be a good idea to read and annotate the document in anticipation of tomorrow.  Make sure to look up words you don’t understand.

Now, just for fun– since we were talking about the Qin emperor Shi Huangdi today, here’s a bit of a documentary talking about the terra-cotta warriors and the initial construction of the Great Wall:

See you tomorrow!