Homework: Classical India Zaption!

All right, guys– the Zaption I had intended to use on the Maurya empire appears to be missing, but that’s okay, as there’s another one on the development of the caste system and the Buddha which is just as important.  So!  Please go to the link below and watch the portion of The Story of India included in the Zaption, and answer all associated questions.  Please send me an email if you have any difficulties with the Zaption, and I’ll help you find an alternate way of completing the assignment.

The Story of India: Caste System and Buddhism

And if you, like me, are fascinated by Indian history and would like to watch the entire episode, you’ll find it embedded below:

Additionally, remember that you need to be working on your unit reading and vocabulary in anticipation of the Unit Two reading quiz on Monday, August 24th.  If you have lost your copy of the Unit Reading Guide and vocabulary assignment, please download another copy from the Unit Two materials page.

See you tomorrow!