Film Review: Extra Essay Assignment!

Are your essay grades less than desirable?  Do you need to do some grade repair?

Then you need to complete the Real to Reel: AP World History on Film assignment by Friday, November 13th!

As we discussed in class, remember that this assignment is NOT a simple bonus assignment– your work needs to be thoughtful, reasoned, and polished, and address all of the requirements described in the assignment sheet above.  Poor quality work will be graded as such.  This is, however, an optional assignment– you are not required to complete this review, and if you choose not to submit one, you will simply be given an exemption.

In order to help you make your selections for this assignment, I humbly present the original trailers to all most of the films:

The Young Victoria (2009), dir. Jean-Marc Vallee

Jodhaa Akbar (2008), dir. Ashutosh Gowariker

Last of the Mohicans (1992), dir. Micheal Mann

Les Miserables (2012), dir. Tom Hooper

Seven Samurai (1954), dir. Akira Kurosawa

 Have fun!

Remember, the Source Scavenger Hunt is Due Tomorrow!

And just in case you’re freaking out because JSTOR won’t let you search through North Cobb’s registration, please do the following, per Ms. Wheeler:

  1. Click “Login.”
  2. Under Username, type “NorthCobb” all one word, properly capitalized.
  3. Under Password, type “second” all lowercase.
  4. Click the Login button.
  5. Now, you will notice on the main screen that the access is provided by North Cobb High School; however, you are not a “real” person yet.
  6. Click Login.
  7. Enter your account username and your own password at the Login Screen.
  8. Click Login.
  9. Now, please notice that your name at the Welcome line in the top right.  Also, be sure the box below still says your access is provided by North Cobb.

I hope that helps, and happy researching!

Homework: Renaissance and Reformation WebQuest!

Today we began working on the Renaissance and Reformation WebQuest.  If you were absent today you’ll need to start here: Renaissance and Reformation WebQuest: Tasks.  Download the Renaissance and Reformation WebQuest Student Packet, print it out, and use to it work through the WebQuest in order.

We’ll  be back in the Media Center tomorrow, so remember to bring back your headphones or earbuds!

So, guys– you don’t have official-official homework today, but the more work you can get done tonight, the more free time you’ll have in class to work on finding your sources for you final paper.

Homework: AP Insight Work and Practice Assessment

For homework tonight, you’ll need to complete the AP Insight work we began today on private economic institutions in the 16th and 17th centuries.  As this is proprietary material, I cannot link you to extra copies of the worksheets if you have lost them– so for your sake, I hope you haven’t.  You may also want to rewatch the Crash Course we saw in class today:

Here’s what you’ll need to turn in tomorrow:

  1. Definitions of the terms charter company, joint-stock corporationand transnational business.
  2. Text analysis of the charter of the Dutch West India Company from 1621.  You should identify ways the charter supports the idea of the Dutch West India Company as a charter company, a joint-stock corporation, and a transnational business.
  3. Log on to the AP Insight assessment window, located at .  Use the ID and password I provided for you in class today.
  4. Take the short assessment labeled “Period 4. Compare Private Institutions as Tools of Trade Quiz.”

Also!  Don’t forget that we’re meeting in the Media Center tomorrow– and bring your own earbuds or headphones if you want to avoid using the school headphones, which are super stylish and definitely of high audio quality.

Monday: Guest Speaker for First Period!

(If you’re in second or third period, don’t whine.  We’ll be doing something else in class.)

On Monday, October 19th, first period will be meeting in the Media Center to hear a guest speaker.

Our speaker will be Slma Shelbayah, an Assignment Editor/Producer for CNN Newsource.  Here’s her bio:

Slma Shelbayah is an Assignment Editor/Producer for CNN Newsource and Writer for CNN Digital News. Based in Atlanta, she has worked across many platforms, including the CNN International Desk and the Homepage Video unit, covering both national and international news stories including the Arab Spring, Malaysia Airlines MH370 Crash, 50th Anniversary of Bloody Sunday and most recently the disastrous earthquake in Nepal. Shelbayah holds a Master of Applied Linguistics from Georgia State University and is also an adjunct professor of Business and Mass Communication at Brenau University in Gainesville, Georgia. She enjoys storytelling, teaching, traveling, photography, cooking and spending the best of times with her two daughters.

Ms. Shelbayah also has a very cool website and profile located here, where you can see a sample of her work.  If you’re interested in current events, journalism, storytelling, or the study of languages, Ms. Shelbayah should be a particularly interesting speaker to hear.

Remember that, as always, guests at our school deserve your utmost respect and attention.  I’ll remind you on Monday, but it wouldn’t be a bad idea to take notes during her presentation so that you have things to ask her when it’s time for our Q&A session.

Homework: Russian Empire Work (Also, DBQ Rewrite Information)!

Apologies for not being terribly entertaining today, guys.  I’m feeling pretty rotten.  And alas, that means you’ve going to be responsible for this information through independent work.  Tonight, you need to finish up the following assignments using your textbooks (if you didn’t finish them in class):

  1. Imperial Russia Organizer— Please complete a PERSIA analysis of both the reigns of Ivan IV (the Terrible) and Peter the Great.  Be sure to note the causes of change or continuity in the arrows between each ruler.
  2. Caribbean Slavery vs Serfdom— Coercive and forced labor forms become increasingly important during this unit, so you’ll need to complete this compare-and-contrast worksheet to help you understand the similarities and differences in labor systems.  Don’t forget to write a comparative thesis statement as part of this assignment.  (Also: I won’t say anything in class, but this would make a really great comparative essay topic.  Gosh.)
  3. Peter the Great: Correspondence with His Son— And finally, please read the associated letter from Peter the Great to his son, Alexei, on the topic of absolutism and power.  There’s one analytical question on this exchange which you will need to answer on a separate sheet of paper.

If you need further information on Ivan IV and Peter the Great, or if you’re just fascinated by Imperial Russia in general, you might consider watching the documentary below:

Now!  As to your DBQ rewrite.  Remember, you are not required to rewrite your Black Death DBQ– but many of you probably would like.  If you would, your rewrite will be due at the start of class on October 29th.  If you have lost your documents for this DBQ, you can download another copy here: Black Death DBQ.

Homework: Tokugawa Edicts!

For homework tonight, please read and analyze the two primary source documents distributed in class today: Tokugawa Edicts: Foreigners, and Tokugawa Edicts: Military.  You will need to complete all of the discussion questions for each document, with the exception of question #2 on the edicts addressing foreigners– that question references a document you do not have access to, so you may choose to skip it.

Additionally, for those of you who I will not see in class tomorrow due to our testing schedule for the PSAT, you might like to watch the documentary that third period will be watching: “Japan: Memoirs of a Secret Empire.”  I’ve embedded it below for those who are interested:

Third period, I’ll see you tomorrow.  Everyone else, I’ll see you on Thursday.  Good luck on your PSAT!

School Announcement: College Workshop on October 13th!

Passing on some very useful school information:

On Tuesday, October 13th there will be a presentation and discussion for students and parents titled, “I Want to Go to College, Now What?” hosted by the counseling department.  The presentation will be held in the North Cobb High School theater at 7:00 PM.  Learn how to plan your path to college at this informational session presented by college admissions officers!

Topics for discussion will be:

  • understanding your GPA
  • designing your high school plan to maximize your options
  • step by step instructions on conducting a college search
  • how college admissions counselors view your application

There will be interactive activities and opportunities for Q&A!

This session is targeted to freshmen and sophomore students and their parents, but all are welcome.

(If you are looking for the homework assignment for October 9th, please look at the entry just below this one. 🙂 )

Homework: Final Paper Topic Selection!

As we discussed in class today, we’re going to begin working on a final research project which will require you to do a significant about of work with primary sources in order to get a better feel for the historical position of someone involved in a significant event or moment of human history.  You received the handout describing the process we’ll be going through for the rest of the semester, and you should read it carefully.  If you’ve misplaced yours, you can download a new copy here (Final Research Project: Topics and Instructions).  You can also find a full description of the project on the Talking About History: Final Research Project page on this website.

(In order to get to the Talking About History page, look at the drop-down menu at the top of this page.  Hover over “AP World History WebQuests and Projects” and you’ll see the page and all of it’s related materials at the bottom of the drop-down menu.  It wouldn’t be a bad idea to peruse all of the pages associated with the assignment in order to get a feel for how this project will progress.)

For homework this weekend you will choose topics you would be interested in selecting for your research project.  I suggest you review the available topics on the instruction sheet and do some quick Googling to see what your options and preferences might be.  You will make your selections via a Google form which you can access on the Topic Selection page.

The Topic Selection form will go live at 12:00 PM EST (noon) on Saturday, October 10th.  You MUST have completed your selections by 8:00 AM EST on Monday, October 8th.

Remember, topics will be assigned on a first come, first served basis.  I want you all doing unique projects, so if you really have your heart set on a particular topic, make sure you fill out the form early!  If you fail to complete the form, I will assign you whatever topics are left.

Homework: Women, Purity, and Sati in the Mughal Empire.

Tonight for homework, please read and annotate the secondary and primary source you received in class today (Women and Sati in Mughal India).  After reading and analyzing the text, please respond to the following discussion points:

Why was sati more prevalent in high-caste communities?  What were the social and religious justifications for sati?

Consider the primary source you have regarding sati.  What limitations does it have as a source?  Do you think an Indian source would have the same limitations, or would there be other issues to consider when evaluating a similar type of source?

Do you think a female author would have approached the discussion of sati in the same way as a male author?  Why or why not?  Consider the first description of a widow participating in sati in the primary source.  What do you think would have motivated her to carry out this act?  How might she have understood her actions? Can you understand why she might have participated in this act?

Having also read Women in the Ottoman Empire, do you notice any significant similarities in the social role of women in the Gunpowder Empires?

Remember, normal commenting rules apply: one good comment addressing ALL of the discussion points can earn up to 95%, while a comment and response to someone else’s discussion can earn you full credit.

(If you would like a link to the primary source document on the Ottoman empire and gender, please look at the previous entry on this blog. I’ll try to link to it directly in a bit, but for some reason I can’t edit WordPress on my computer right now, and am thus writing this update on my phone, which is less than ideal.)

Nevermind, everything is working now and I’ve gone back and added in the necessary links!

Homework: Women in the Ottoman Empire!

For homework tonight, please read the primary source you received in class today: Women in the Ottoman Empire.  Read it carefully, and consider the material we discussed in class today.  Then, respond to the question at the top of the source on a separate sheet of paper:

What was the role of women in Ottoman society?

Your response should be thoughtful, and demonstrate a thorough understanding of the source.  Remember, however, to consider who is writing the source in question– you might want to do a little research to find out more about the author and their point of view.

If you would like to review some of the material from the documentary we watched today in class, you can find it below:

Unit Three Pacing and Due Dates!

First things first: you have no assigned homework this weekend, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have stuff to do– check your unit three reading assignment.

Yeah.  It’s a lot.  You’d better get started on it NOW.  It’s going to rain all weekend anyway.  Stay in, watch football (root for the Dawgs, obviously), and get some reading done.

We went over the Unit Three due dates in class today, but just in case you missed them:

  • Topic Selection for Final Paper (Monday, October 12th)
  • In-Class DBQ (Friday, October 16th)
  • Unit Three Reading Quiz (Tuesday, October 20th)
  • Unit Three Vocabulary Assignment (Tuesday, October 20th)
  • Sources Scavenger Hunt (October 23rd)
  • Renaissance and Reformation WebQuest Packet (October 28th)
  • Unit Three Test (Wednesday, October 28th)

And while it’s not a due date for our class, please know that the PSAT will be administered on Wednesday, October 14th.  As sophomores, you’ll all be taking the test.  We’ll be in an altered schedule, so I won’t see any class other than third period that day.