Monday: Guest Speaker for First Period!

(If you’re in second or third period, don’t whine.  We’ll be doing something else in class.)

On Monday, October 19th, first period will be meeting in the Media Center to hear a guest speaker.

Our speaker will be Slma Shelbayah, an Assignment Editor/Producer for CNN Newsource.  Here’s her bio:

Slma Shelbayah is an Assignment Editor/Producer for CNN Newsource and Writer for CNN Digital News. Based in Atlanta, she has worked across many platforms, including the CNN International Desk and the Homepage Video unit, covering both national and international news stories including the Arab Spring, Malaysia Airlines MH370 Crash, 50th Anniversary of Bloody Sunday and most recently the disastrous earthquake in Nepal. Shelbayah holds a Master of Applied Linguistics from Georgia State University and is also an adjunct professor of Business and Mass Communication at Brenau University in Gainesville, Georgia. She enjoys storytelling, teaching, traveling, photography, cooking and spending the best of times with her two daughters.

Ms. Shelbayah also has a very cool website and profile located here, where you can see a sample of her work.  If you’re interested in current events, journalism, storytelling, or the study of languages, Ms. Shelbayah should be a particularly interesting speaker to hear.

Remember that, as always, guests at our school deserve your utmost respect and attention.  I’ll remind you on Monday, but it wouldn’t be a bad idea to take notes during her presentation so that you have things to ask her when it’s time for our Q&A session.