Remember, the Source Scavenger Hunt is Due Tomorrow!

And just in case you’re freaking out because JSTOR won’t let you search through North Cobb’s registration, please do the following, per Ms. Wheeler:

  1. Click “Login.”
  2. Under Username, type “NorthCobb” all one word, properly capitalized.
  3. Under Password, type “second” all lowercase.
  4. Click the Login button.
  5. Now, you will notice on the main screen that the access is provided by North Cobb High School; however, you are not a “real” person yet.
  6. Click Login.
  7. Enter your account username and your own password at the Login Screen.
  8. Click Login.
  9. Now, please notice that your name at the Welcome line in the top right.  Also, be sure the box below still says your access is provided by North Cobb.

I hope that helps, and happy researching!