Homework: Zaption on Asian Responses to Imperialism

Sorry about posting this late, guys– I got distracted by the news out of Paris, sadly, and totally forgot I hadn’t put your Zaption assignment up on the blog yet.

Remember, you’ll need to read the document I handed out in class today, analyze it carefully, and answer the associated questions on a separate sheet of paper.  Then, please watch the Crash Course episode on Asian Responses to Imperialism included in the Zaption below:

Zaption: Asian Responses to Imperialism 

If you run into difficulties watching the Zaption, please check your browser– Zaption works best on Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.  It can work on Internet Explorer, so long as it is the most recent version– and the same goes for Safari.  If your browser hasn’t been updated in a while, start there– download a newer version of your browser, clear your cookies, and try again.

See you on Monday, guys.