One Week to Go!

Thank you so much for your hard work on the Student Learning Objective today, guys.  I’ll let you know how you performed as soon as I get the word from the county on the time-table.  Overall, I was very pleased with how you performed, so congratulations on a job well done.

You have several things to consider this weekend, so here are your priorities for this class, in order of importance:

  1. Finish your narrative for your final research project!  If you need any clarification on instructions or my grading standards, please email me or check the material on the Final Narrative Project tab on this website.  Remember that you MUST have a hard-copy ready to turn in when the bell rings on Monday, and you must also submit an electronic copy to  Your narrative is due at the start of class on Monday, December 14th.
  2. Communicate with your group members on what you might want to do for your Final Exam Review Project.  You’ll need to bring any supplies you think you might need to school on Monday if possible.  Make sure to stay in contact with your group members this weekend.  (If you’ve forgotten who is in your group, please consult this list: Final Project Groups.
  3. Think about what placement you would like for next year: Honors U.S. History?  AP U.S. History?  I’m not inclined to place anyone in on-level U.S. History unless you have a particularly compelling reason.  Think about your course load next year, talk about it with your parents, and be ready to make a decision on Monday.
  4. REGISTER FOR THE AP EXAM!  Have you signed up yet?  Go here and take care of it now!

Have a good weekend, guys.  Work hard, get some rest, and come ready to knock Finals Week out of the park.