Homework: Thoughts on Civilization

Tomorrow we’ll be doing some discussion-driven work on a pretty contentious issue in world history– trying to define and understand the term “civilization.” Therefore, your homework tonight will be oriented around trying to give you some background ideas on civilization.  You should have picked up the handout today in class, but if you’ve lost it, you’ll need to download a copy of Thoughts on Civilization and following the directions on the sheet.

Your general tasks are as follow:

  1. Read over the various definitions and quotations regarding the idea of civilization.
  2. Generate at least one good comment or response to the definitions you’ve read, and at least one good question you might be interested in discussing on the subject tomorrow.
  3. Watch the Crash Course: World History video embedded below. (If you can’t see it, the raw URL is provided is provided on your handout.)
  4. Answer the associated questions regarding the video on your handout.

In order for our conversation tomorrow to be valuable, it’s extremely important that you prepare effectively by completing this work.