Homework: Study for Unit One Reading Quiz!

Apologies for the late-ish post, guys!  I had a former student anxious about their upcoming Senior Magnet research presentation this Saturday come and talk to me after school, and I’ve only just had the opportunity to put this up.

Remember, you have your reading quiz over the first fourteen chapters of Guns, Germs, and Steel (including the preface) tomorrow during the first thirty minutes of class.  You will also need to turn in your summer reading journal prior to taking the quiz, so don’t forget to bring it in!

In order to help you study this evening, you might consider the following:

  • With regards to the historical example Diamond uses in the chapter “Collision at Cajamarca,” what sort of advantages did the Spanish have?  What disadvantages did the Inca have?  Why did the conquest occur?
  • Consider the reasons why food production developed in some parts of the world, and why it failed to develop in others.
  • What makes an animal domesticable?  Why and how were animals domesticated?  Why do some places NOT have domesticated animals?
  • How did plant domestication occur?  Be able to describe the process.
  • Why did Diamond decide to write Guns, Germs, and Steel?  What is his point of view?  (Remember, POV is different from argument!)  How does that point of view influence what he’s writing?

This is only a starting point for the quiz, of course, so it’s a good idea to review ALL of your summer reading journal in anticipation of the quiz.  The quiz will be comprised of six multiple choice questions (worth two points each), and six short answer questions (worth three points each).

I will be posting our Twitter chapter summaries shortly, so please check back later this evening if you would like to see your classmates’ work summarizing each chapter.

Edited: Here’s most of the summary tweets, guys: Tweets GGS.  I left part of second period’s tweets and all of third’s on my desk.  Sorry!  However, I can link you to a good summary site here!