IMPORTANT: Early Release on 1/22

As you have no doubt learned already, Cobb County schools will dismiss two hours early tomorrow, January 22nd.  I’m sure Twitter is a-buzz.  However, please keep in mind that:

  • You will, as far as we know right now, have ALL of your classes tomorrow, even if they are shortened.  Mr. Horton has just emailed the faculty to let us know that the administration is working on an alternate bell schedule for tomorrow, so you should prepare as you normally would for ALL of your classes.
  • Barring a sudden and unexpected transportation to the planet Hoth, YOU WILL STILL HAVE A READING QUIZ TOMORROW.  Reading quizzes take half an hour; if I have you for thirty minutes, you’re taking a quiz.  Sorry.  (Or should that be #sorrynotsorry?  I get so confused by what The Youth are currently saying.)

If you had planned to stay after school to make up any work, or to attend a club or sporting event, please know that they have all been cancelled, and make your plans accordingly.

Remember: Unit Two Reading Quiz Tomorrow!

No official homework tonight, guys!  (College tour crew: I decided to cut back on the reading from the Vedas, so feel free to skip that.)  Instead, tonight you should review for your reading quiz and make sure you’ve finished your Unit Two vocabulary assignment.  We’ll be taking our reading quiz during the first thirty minutes of class tomorrow– it will be comprised of thirty multiple choice questions (no short answer).

And one other thing: here are the terms for the Thesis Statement Bootcamp Donut Challenge.  For the next three weeks, we’ll be doing a Thesis Statement Bootcamp as often as possible.  At the end of the three weeks, I’ll check the score, and the class with the most valid thesis statements at the end of that period will receive donuts.  At present, here are the scores:

  • First Period: 0
  • Second Period: 1
  • Third Period: 0

We’ll be starting with another thesis statement first thing tomorrow, so make sure you bring your A-game.