On to Unit Three!

All right, my lovelies– that’s two units down, and four to go!  Enjoy your weekend; we’re supposed to have some fabulous weather, so go on some hikes, catch a movie with friends, read a book for fun, sleep in a little, and get caught up in your other classes.  If you have time, you might go ahead and download the Unit Three Reading Guide on the Unit Three resource page to check out your vocabulary and reading assignment for this unit, but I’ll also hand out a hard copy of everything on Monday.

Couple of things before you disappear off into the ether for the weekend:

  1. Have you registered for your AP exams yet?  No?  Well, the deadline is coming up on February 4th, so you’d better get a move-on.  Remember, we do all registration online at the North Cobb TotalRegistration portal, so click on that link and sign up!
  2. You’ll have an opportunity for an additional assignment in your Essay/Project category coming up this unit.  It’ll be a film review.  Don’t get so excited; you don’t get to pick any film you like.  I’ll pick five, you choose one.  And they’re going to be weird, so prepare yourself.

And thank you for being so understanding this week, guys– I was feeling pretty rough during most of it, and it’s good to know that you’ll play along even when things aren’t going 100% smoothly.