Unit Four Test tomorrow!

You know the drill by now, guys: you should expect 70 multiple questions with several reading passages, charts, graphs, and images to analyze.  (You’ll definitely want to watch your time on this one.)  You’ll then also have to choose ONE short answer question to answer; it will be drawn from the guiding questions on your study guide.

Also: please remember that your Renaissance and Reformation WebQuest is also due tomorrow, so you will need to finish that up and be ready to turn it in tomorrow.  This is a project grade, so you will DEFINITELY want to have it completed.

***IMPORTANT: If you will be missing the test tomorrow due to Large Group Performances with band or due to a SkillsUSA competition, you will need to fill out the following form to let me know which day you will be taking the test.  Because there will be more people absent than normal, I’m requesting that you schedule your make-up test in advance.  These are the ONLY days I will allow you to make up your test.***


Please remember that your absence MUST be excused in order to be allowed to make up your test (or any other assignment.)