Homework: CCOT Essay Prep!

Good evening, lovely students!  Remember that we will be taking the first 40 minutes of class tomorrow to write our first CCOT essay.  That essay will be focusing on the social and economic transformations of the Atlantic world ca. 1492 to 1750 CE, so if you need to do some research this evening, that would be a wise choice.

Additionally, you should have read, annotated, and graded the copy of the 2015 CCOT essay you received in class today.  Once you have done so, please read the following to determine how close your own grading was:

Sample Essay 2B

Score: 5

The essay does not employ a specific or qualified thesis related to change and continuity in labor systems; rather, it lists different systems.  The essay addresses change and continuity: change is addressed in the first, second, and fourth paragraphs; and continuity is addressed in the second and third paragraphs (2 points).  The essay includes more than seven pieces of evidence (2 points).  The essay includes world historical context in the second paragraph– slaves were brought to Latin America via “the trans-Atlantic trade” (1 point).  The essay does not include analysis of change or continuity.  Analysis requires more specificity, and the argument that the U.S. changed to a “globalized economy” needs to be situated more specifically in circumstances related to the U.S. or North America.

See you tomorrow morning!