Improvised Google Hangout Study Session!

All right, guys.  Time to get this show on the road!

Now, let’s just hope it works.

And if you can’t join the discussion directly, remember you can tweet me at @GallowayAPWorld and use the hashtag #AskMsGalloway, and I’ll answer your questions as I see them.

ETA: Hey, it sort of worked!  I hope it was helpful for you guys.  And if you didn’t get to watch it live, there’s always the video archive version above which you can watch as many times as you like.

Google Hangout Study Session Tonight!

Hey, guys!  I hope you’re all getting some studying done today– but if you need some additional help, I’m going to be setting up a Google Hangout on Air this evening between 7:00 and 8:30 PM.  So here’s how it will work:*

  1. A Google Hangout is basically a video/text chat.  I’ll have it set up so that you can see me (and maybe if I wear a headset, the mic will pick up my voice enough for me to talk a bit), but I’ll set it so that you can’t see each other.  Too many videos can be a mess.  You’ll be able to ask questions via typing, and you can vote up questions you want me to answer first.  It will probably work best for you to do this on a computer if you can (for ease of typing), as I understand that trying to type in a question while running the Hangout app on a tablet or phone can be obnoxious.  (But if that’s your only option, you can always watch along anyway.)  Also, I’m given to understand that only about ten of you at a time will be able to actively participate– so if you’re NOT able to type your question, please feel free to tweet it at me using the hashtag #AskMsGalloway. (I feel ridiculous typing that, btw.)  I’ll have a second window open and make a point of asking those questions in the Hangout, too.
  2. A Google Hangout on Air means that our session will be streaming live on YouTube while the session is ongoing, and it also means that it will be archived there, afterwards.  So if you can’t watch and participate in the session live, you should be able to watch the recorded version whenever you have time.  I’ll be embedding the YouTube stream on this page so that you can watch if you like.
  3. I’m sending out Hangout invitations via email as soon as I finish this post.  HOWEVER!  A Hangout requires a Google account, so if you don’t have a gmail or Magnet account that I know about, I won’t be able to send you one.  If you HAVE a gmail address that I don’t know about and would like to participate in today’s Hangout, please email, tweet, or send me a message via Remind to let me know what it is, and I’ll add you before the Hangout starts. (DON’T leave your email in a comment on this post.  That’s not great Internet security practice.)
  4. Here’s how to join the Hangout: First, you need to install the Google Hangout plugin or install the app.  (It takes like seven seconds.  Go here:  If it says, “Hi, [your name]!,” you’re good.)  Then, go to your gmail or Magnet account.  You’ll see an email notification about the Hangout, and it SHOULD have instructions on how to join.  I think all you need to do is hit accept, but you may need to go in through Google Plus in order to see the event itself.  If you’re super confused about how to do all this, here’s a quick tutorial (you can disregard the stuff on audio and video, though):

Okay, guys!  Hopefully this works, but if not, Twitter’s our backup– you can always contact me @GallowayAPWorld, or use the hashtag #AskMsGalloway.

*in theory. I’ve never done one of these before, so it could be a disaster! We shall see.  I’m fairly techie, so hopefully I can figure out any bugs before we go live.