Happy End of the Year!

Congratulations, my intrepid AP World History Warriors!  You’ve made it through, and I’m so proud of you.  I know this class is tough for a lot of you, and you may have struggled.  There may have been some late nights, some tears, and frustration– and that’s okay.

It’s okay– not because it’s any fun to struggle (it’s not, of course it’s not fun)– but because you didn’t stop trying, and that is one of the hardest and most important lessons to learn. This is the thing about high school: it’s not a springboard to the real world.  It is the real world– just a little bit smaller and with some safety nets. The world is full of deadlines, and stress, and rules that can chafe, and people with whom you don’t always get along– but it’s also full of good friends, and cool things to learn, and chances to prove yourself.

After high school, you’re going to run into all sorts of challenges.  You know the sort– money, jobs, education, relationships, family, health– all of it.  And when you hit that stuff (and you will, because we all do, because that is what it means to be human), you have to know how to work through it when you feel yourself struggling.  You’ve got to be willing to keep trying, just like you did in this class– even when it wasn’t fun.

That willingness to keep working on it until you get it right?  That’s resilience.  That’s grit.  It’s not glamorous, or flashy– but it is real, and it will take you so much farther than brilliance of mind or charisma or pessimism or complaint.  So.  If I have one piece of advice for you going forward, it’s this: don’t be afraid of the hard stuff.  The hard stuff’s the stuff worth doing, and redoing, until you get it right.


Now.  On a lighter note, Sydney has given me permission to post her own version of someone dealing with the harder parts of life:

And for those of you wondering, I’ll have grades in by 3:30 PM tomorrow.  Try to refrain from obsessively refreshing Synergy, okay?  It’ll all be okay.