When Worlds Collide: Discussion Questions!

While watching the PBS documentary When Worlds Collide, please take notes on the following subjects:

  • The Reconquista of Spain
  • The role of the Catholic Church in the Spanish Empire
  • The sistema de castas (caste system) in Latin America
  • The impact of silver in Latin America, Spain, and the global trade

Then, after watching the documentary, answer ONE of the following sets of discussion questions on a separate sheet of paper:

  1. How did the Reconquista result in the creation of a caste system in Spain?  How did this caste system affect the social hierarchy in Latin America?  Was this caste system ultimately successful in achieving its stated goals?
  2. How can religion be used as a means of imperial control?  How did this control show up in Latin America?  Provide specific examples to demonstrate your conclusion.
  3. Why was silver so important to the Spanish Empire?  What were some of the effects of the global silver trade on Latin America?  On Spain?  On other parts of the globe?

Be prepared to turn in your response at the start of class on Tuesday.