Hello!  My name is Carol Galloway, and this is my primary blog for my AP World History classes.  On these pages, you will find the my blog communications with my students, resources for each of the six AP World History chronological units, review material in preparation of the AP World History exam, and various online projects and WebQuests I have developed over the years.  If you’re a student of APWH (mine or otherwise), I hope this website proves useful during your studies.  If you’re an educator– please feel free to use, alter, and share any of the resources I have posted here, so long as your use is not for profit.  I’m a big advocate for Fair Use and technology in education, so go forth and share.

I’m fortunate enough to currently teach World History to a bunch of incredibly talented and driven students at a public high school in the Atlanta metro area.  Our school has a strong focus on international studies, which means that we encourage our students to travel as widely as possible– and for me, that means that I have the opportunity to serve as a chaperon on various international adventures with our students.

If you’d like to read about those adventures, you can check out my other blog: A History of Adventure.  If you click on the “School Travel” tag, you can read about my travels with students to China, Spain, France, and Morocco.  (And in 2016 I’m going with some of my kiddos to Turkey, Greece, and Italy.  Am v. excited about this.)

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