Causes of the Protestant Reformation

So remember how the first Great Schism was a big deal because it meant that we wound up with TWO main versions of Christianity back in 1054CE?  Well, things are about to get a whole lot more complicated.  Calvinists, Anabaptists, and Anglicans, oh my!  Luckily, all you have to do is watch a few videos and answer some questions in your packet.

1.  Problems in the Papacy, Tickets to Heaven, and the Rise of Individualism.

I’ve seen a lot of documentaries about the Protestant Reformation, but this is one of the best short videos I’ve found on the subject.  The history professors talking really know their stuff, so pay attention.  It’s probably best to answer the questions in your packet as you watch, with this one.

2.  Martin Luther and the Revolt Against the Church.

If there’s one figure you need to really understand in the Protestant Reformation, it’s Martin Luther.  Again, it’s probably best to answer the questions as you watch.

3.  Time for a Poll!

Let’s see what you think.  There’s no right answer, but I will be counting to make sure everyone answers the question.

And one last time, guys.  Move on to Task Six: Consequences of the Protestant Reformation.

10 thoughts on “Causes of the Protestant Reformation

  1. Through the 95 theses that Martin Luther posted began the Protestant Reformation. The reason for posting these arguments were because of the selling of indulgences to build St. Peters


  2. I believe that the greatest effect of the reformation was that it took power from the church and influenced more people to see the corruption of the “righteous” men of god. This would later lead into a less corrupt Catholic church


  3. I think that Martin Luther started off the Protestant revolution. I feel that this revolution was a good thing, creation more possibilities for the Christian religion.


  4. I think that there was more than one influential for the protestant reformation. This would be first the contradictions of the idea of indulgences, without this controversy Luther may have not written the 95 theses. Then another factor would be the spread of Luther’s theses via printing press, because without the spread of his ideas, people would have not found suspicion in the church until a later time. And lastly the roles of local leaders not wanting to be controlled by the Pope influenced the Protestant Reformation, because without them Luther would have been killed early on in his campaign like Wyclif and Hus and his ideas might have died with him.


  5. I believe the Protestant Reformation occured due to greed. If Johann Tetzle did not sell indulgences and the government was not so keen on gaining authority and political power (if being Protestant was frowned upon by the government), the Protestant Reformation would not have had so many reasons for creation to fall back upon.


  6. I belive that the reason the protestant reformation occured was due to peasants having an obtaniable way to reach heaven. According to the Bible you can get to heaven through faith alone which would have been a new idea for peasants as most of them were illiterate and im assuming most priests stayed away from that scripture.


  7. I think one of the other main causes of the Reformation was politics. Many European lords wanted to be freed from the authority of the Pope to be able to better pursue their own ambitions (though they may also have been true protestant believers at the same time). In some cases, politics was the central factor- The Anglican church originally had very few theological differences with Catholicism other than seeing the King as the head of religion rather than the Pope, for example.

    The slow response of the Church also undoubtly played a role, as the Church did not commit serious action against the Protestants until it was too late.


  8. I believe that people hearing him say that faith is the key to getting to heaven and so people throw way the tallies in there head and felt like they were going to go to heaven now.


  9. I feel like it was a long list of reasons just building up, from the corruption in the papacy to some people developing individual views of that faith to politics with the german princes and when martin Luther started writing he just lit the fuse on a bomb that had be growing overtime.


  10. I think that there are multiple factors for the Protestant Reformation, but I think that the most influential one is the leaders’ of countries want to gain more power, which they could achieve by becoming Protestant because the Pope could not hold power over them.


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