Classwork: Information Gathering on the Safavid Empire

Using your textbooks and the PowerPoint located below, please gather information for a PERSIA analysis on the Safavid empire.  You should try to include AT LEAST five significant pieces of information, events, or processes for each element of a PERSIA analysis (Political, Economic, Religious, Social, Intellectual, and Artistic), as this information gathering exercise will be extent of notes you will receive on this topic.



  • Essential Coursebook, pgs. 311 to 315
  • World Civilizations, pgs. 466 to 473
  • The World’s History, pgs. 451 to 453

If you need additional help completing this assignment, please feel free to ask for help!

Homework: Women, Purity, and Sati in the Mughal Empire.

Tonight for homework, please read and annotate the secondary and primary source you received in class today (Women and Sati in Mughal India).  After reading and analyzing the text, please respond to the following discussion points:

Why was sati more prevalent in high-caste communities?  What were the social and religious justifications for sati?

Consider the primary source you have regarding sati.  What limitations does it have as a source?  Do you think an Indian source would have the same limitations, or would there be other issues to consider when evaluating a similar type of source?

Do you think a female author would have approached the discussion of sati in the same way as a male author?  Why or why not?  Consider the first description of a widow participating in sati in the primary source.  What do you think would have motivated her to carry out this act?  How might she have understood her actions? Can you understand why she might have participated in this act?

Having also read Women in the Ottoman Empire, do you notice any significant similarities in the social role of women in the Gunpowder Empires?

Remember, normal commenting rules apply: one good comment addressing ALL of the discussion points can earn up to 95%, while a comment and response to someone else’s discussion can earn you full credit.

(If you would like a link to the primary source document on the Ottoman empire and gender, please look at the previous entry on this blog. I’ll try to link to it directly in a bit, but for some reason I can’t edit WordPress on my computer right now, and am thus writing this update on my phone, which is less than ideal.)

Nevermind, everything is working now and I’ve gone back and added in the necessary links!