Homework: Great Depression Zaption!

Don’t forget you’ve got a reading quiz tomorrow (your very last one!) and your unit vocabulary is also due.  And while I know you’re slammed with work, I also need you to watch the following Zaption on the Great Depression, and respond to the embedded questions.  Remember to sign in and provide your name.  If you run into difficulties, let me know:

The Great Depression: Zaption!

Just a head’s up about tomorrow, guys– first period will only be meeting for an hour, and all of the other classes will be longer than normal, since Math is starting their EOCs.

Homework: AP Insight Work and Practice Assessment

For homework tonight, you’ll need to complete the AP Insight work we began today on private economic institutions in the 16th and 17th centuries.  As this is proprietary material, I cannot link you to extra copies of the worksheets if you have lost them– so for your sake, I hope you haven’t.  You may also want to rewatch the Crash Course we saw in class today:

Here’s what you’ll need to turn in tomorrow:

  1. Definitions of the terms charter company, joint-stock corporationand transnational business.
  2. Text analysis of the charter of the Dutch West India Company from 1621.  You should identify ways the charter supports the idea of the Dutch West India Company as a charter company, a joint-stock corporation, and a transnational business.
  3. Log on to the AP Insight assessment window, located at http://mclasshome.com/harbor/studentLogin .  Use the ID and password I provided for you in class today.
  4. Take the short assessment labeled “Period 4. Compare Private Institutions as Tools of Trade Quiz.”

Also!  Don’t forget that we’re meeting in the Media Center tomorrow– and bring your own earbuds or headphones if you want to avoid using the school headphones, which are super stylish and definitely of high audio quality.