Homework: Tokugawa Edicts!

Tonight, please read the two selections from the Tokugawa Edicts located below:

You will note that there are four questions following each of the passages; please fully answer the questions on a separate sheet of paper.  They will be due at the start of class tomorrow.


Additionally, please be aware that you’ve got several things coming due relatively shortly:

  • In-class DBQ (Friday, March 11th)
  • Source Scavenger Hunt (Thursday, March 24th)
  • Black Death DBQ Rewrite (Thursday, March 24th)
  • Renaissance and Reformation WebQuest (Friday, March 18th)
  • Unit Four Test (Friday, March 18th)
  • In-class DBQ (Friday, March 25th)

For your Black Death DBQ rewrite, you will want to use the Black Death DBQ documents.  Remember that you should take the comments you received on your first DBQ to heart, and try to avoid making the same mistakes a second time.

Welcome back, Warriors.

Hey there, guys– it was good to see you today.  I know it was a rough first day back; finding the rhythm after a week off is always difficult, and I know today was especially challenging, given the loss in our community.  I do appreciate your kindness, understanding, and willingness to buckle down and work today.  We’ll try our best to get things as close to normal as we can, as soon as we can.  Remember, if you need any assistance or want to talk over the next several days or weeks (or beyond), please feel free to talk to any teacher or staff member, and we’ll do our very best to help in whatever way we can.  Keep an eye out for each other over the next few days, okay?  We all process grief and loss at our own pace.

As to tonight’s homework– remember that you have a reading quiz over the Unit Three material tomorrow during the first thirty minutes of class, and your Unit Three vocabulary is due at the same time.  If you have misplaced your vocabulary list, you can download another copy on the Unit Three resource page.

And if you are interested in reading parts of The Tale of Genji (which we discussed in class today), you can find an abridged version of the first seventeen chapters here.

Homework: Tokugawa Edicts!

For homework tonight, please read and analyze the two primary source documents distributed in class today: Tokugawa Edicts: Foreigners, and Tokugawa Edicts: Military.  You will need to complete all of the discussion questions for each document, with the exception of question #2 on the edicts addressing foreigners– that question references a document you do not have access to, so you may choose to skip it.

Additionally, for those of you who I will not see in class tomorrow due to our testing schedule for the PSAT, you might like to watch the documentary that third period will be watching: “Japan: Memoirs of a Secret Empire.”  I’ve embedded it below for those who are interested:

Third period, I’ll see you tomorrow.  Everyone else, I’ll see you on Thursday.  Good luck on your PSAT!