Additional Resources: Roman Republic

Sorry to be publishing this so late in the day, guys– I went to sleep as soon as I got home after leaving school today and only just woke up.  Hopefully the extra sleep will have me feeling more on top of my game tomorrow than I was today.

At any rate, if you were absent today, we watched the following documentary:

and then responded to the following discussion questions:

  • The video quotes Napoleon as saying that “the story of Rome is the story of the world.” To what extent do you agree with this statement? Consider the other civilizations we have studied this unit; do you feel that Napoleon’s statement could be equally applied to the Persian, Indian, and Chinese empires? Why or why not?

  • As a historian living during the Roman empire interested in studying the foundation of Rome, Livi expresses a common idea– that the past was a simpler, more virtuous time which was materially different from the present. In studying the early mythology of early Rome, Livi learns this is DEFINITELY not true. Why do you think people romanticize the past in this way? What purpose does this romanticism serve?

You should also review the following PowerPoint for further information on the subject: Roman Republic

Homework: Comparative Essay Prep

I hope you all have a relaxing, slightly extended weekend!  Please make sure to be careful if you’re out traveling about on Saturday; while I sincerely doubt we’ll be snowed in, there’s enough water on the roads to make life exciting (in a bad way) overnight.  So– be careful out there, okay?

Now.  Over the weekend, you will need to do some work to prepare for your first in-class comparative essay.  You’ll need this: Imperial Collapse Comparative Prompt

You may ONLY use the space below the line to write your outline, which you may use to help you write your essay on Monday.  You MUST hand-write your outline– no typing allowed, and you may not use the back of the paper.

Use your notes, use your reading on the collapse of empires, and use your textbooks.  I would STRONGLY SUGGEST that you stay away from using Internet sources unless you are absolutely confident in their accuracy.

Also: a number of you were absent today.  Please remember that unless your absence is excused, you are not eligible to make up the reading quiz you missed today.